Troy Laboucane

    There are three things that Troy can't go a day without: oxygen (he tried to kick the habit once but after 67 seconds without decided it probably wasn't in his best interests), food (as Garfield once said "diet" is "die" with a T) and Rock n Roll. He can't dance and therefore is happiest playing the songs that others want to dance to. Whether it was in a record store, in a studio, in the corner of a ballroom or on the radio waves, Troy has been lucky enough to work with music in various aspects throughout his working career.

     Ask him his social insurance number and he'll have to look it up, ask him how the Eagles formed or what Led Zeppelin were doing before they were Led Zeppelin and he'll tell you the whole story from memory. Along with the Rock 104 Morning Show, Troy also brings you "Both Sides" Fridays at 11 pm and Sundays at 7 pm and four nights a week the Top 6 @ Six with Jeff Dyck.



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