Musicians You Should Know About: #9-The Dudes

Musicians You Should Know About: #9-The Dudes


3 reasons I love The Dudes, and you should too.

1-Their local…..and I mean really local. Not just Canadian (which they are), not just Albertan (which they are), but Calgarian! Which means chance of you being able to catch a live show in your own neck of the woods is very possible.

2-Their name. How easy is it to remember a band when they’re name is virtually ‘those guys’.

3-Their big start, and claim to fame, wasn’t a subtle gradual underground record that built its way up like most musicians. No, no they saturated our TV screens in ’06 with their first major release in this commercial….

Starting to sound familiar yet?

Well here are a few other facts and figures that may peak your interest about The Dudes. Alright, like I said the dudes of The Dudes are from Calgary; they kicked off their budding careers in ’96 with the driving force coming from member Dan Vacon. The Dudes also include guitarist Bob Quaschnick, bassist Brock Geiger and on drums newest member Matt Doherty who replaced original member Scott Ross.

The Dudes, while already boasting the talent levels to propel them sky high, have taken a very indie lo-fi approach to making and marketing their careers.  Even though they’ve been around for the better part of 20 years the band has only released three major albums, and are only recently starting to garner the recognition that they deserve; by creating ripples on the air waves of Canada, Europe and most recently the US.

Other places you may have heard The Dudes: Numerous festivals, fairs, and outdoor holla-paloozas including North by Northeast, COCA, and Canadian Music Week. As well if you’re a fan of the show Rookie Blues you may remember the below track from the first season in 2009.

If you dig the diverse lexicon of the Modest Mouse type lyrics mixed with the influences of ‘The Flaming Lips, The Descendents, Joel Plaskett, Thrush Hermit and Weezer.’ Then The Dudes are the dudes for you, dude.

Okay one more track for our friends south of the boarder….(sorry for the shaudy video...(o_O)