Council Learns Of AHS Plans To Decommission 15 Sundre Hospital Long Term Care Beds

Sundre Mayor Terry Leslie says the hope for AHS and the town is to transition those long term care bed residents as smoothly as possible.

There was a big announcement made by Alberta Health Services at the Monday, March 7th town council meeting. 
AHS is going to decommission the 15 long term care beds at Sundre Hospital with the construction of the new Mountain View Seniors Housing facility in Sundre, according to Mayor Terry Leslie.
He adds there are 15 long term care beds in the Sundre Hospital and those residents will see a change in care.
Mayor Leslie says they are looking forward for ongoing community meetings to try and make the transition as easy as possible for patients affected and make sure resident care into the future is going to be the paramount focus.
He adds there is a contract to provide service not in long term care but in supportive living care at the new facility. So he calls it a change in the way care will be provided to seniors.
Mountain View Seniors Housing is constructing 40 Designated Supportive Living spaces in Sundre. The new facility will provide modern home-like accommodations and a variety of supportive living options.

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