Lana Van Damme


From southern Alberta, Lana joined the CKFM/Rock 104 family in March 2011.

The jist of Lana’s radio life in short goes DJ, Producer, Creative Director, Acting Station Manager, Promotions, that filler job in the middle we don’t talk about, then here.

Origonally joining our team as Creative Director, Lana was eventually sought out to be the afternoon drive host for 96.5 CKFM and then landed in the Rock 104 studios as mid-day host.

When not on-air, but still in office, you’ll find Lana working along side our wonderful clients to create and produce many of the commercials you hear on both stations.

You can catch Lana, and her ramblings, weekdays 10-3 middays on Rock 104-where classic rock is made.


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