Musicians You Should Know About: #5-City & Color

Musicians You Should Know About: #5-City & Color

Question: What do fans of hardcore sounding, post punk music and fans of crooning, acoustic jams have in common?

Answer: Dallas Green.

First known as a guitarist and vocalist for the Toronto based, former alternative band Alexisonfire (Yes, that is how they spell it. No, I don’t want to debate the semantics of Alexis on Fire vs Ales is on Fire). Around 2004 Dallas took to a side project under the alias City & Color-get it?

While fans of Alexisonfire were used to hearing the occasional melodic vocal interlude of Dallas Green, this new solo act drummed up an entirely different genre of fans; some making the bridge from the former to the new and some novices entirely.

City & Color appealed to a much more hipster version of the teen and twenty-something’s. It had a more granola feel to it, if you will. Combining thought provoking lyrics (some of which I think may just be random rhyming words?), with acoustics instrumentals, and all packaged with a crossed legged on the grass at an indie folk show vibe. People ate it up.

The fans also dug that they got to see some multi-faceted talent from Green. We all knew that he could sing and strum a lead or acoustic guitar but he also brought to the talent table with him proficiency on the bass guitar, banjo, harmonica, piano, drums and percussion.

Since then C&C has released 4 major albums-including Sometimes in 2005, Bring Me Your Love in 2008, Little Hell in 2010, and The Hurry & The Harm in 2013. He/they/C&C? has also scored major air wave play on rock, alternative and even a few pop stations with their catchy tunes and are a favored Canadian MAPL artist. AND to top it off Dallas and his alias continue to be nominated and win awards across the board. To date, in his shiny trophy collection is, a Much Music Award, recognition from Chart Magazine in their round up, and 3 Juno’s.

If you’re looking for that chill out evening, in background type vibe or, like me, you want the crank it in the car and sing badly and loudly tunes City and Color is your go to.

….and speaking of go to….if you want to learn more about City and Color click here.

Better yet, see him live on his current tour. He’ll be in Edmonton at Rexall May 20th, 2014 and in Calgary at the Saddledome May 21st, 2014. Get tickets at Ticketmaster.

Here is an oldie, but a goodie and the one that started it all….

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