Musicians You Should Know About: #2-Half Moon Run

Musicians You Should Know About: #2-Half Moon Run


Calling Montreal home now, Half Moon Run, made a huge impact on the Canadian (& international) folk/rock scene in 2012.

The quartette came from all across our great nation to form their chunky, lyric driven, soul haunting sound.

These multi-talented artists are often admired for their multitasking on stage. It’s not uncommon to catch any one of the members jump from vocals to instrumentals, right into another instrument.  But because each member is so talented and blends so seamlessly it’s almost hard to label who belongs to which noise, but these are the members and their claim to position within the band:

Devon Portielje on vocals, guitar and percussion                                                                                                                

Conner Molander on vocals, guitar and keyboard                                                                                                  

Dylan Phillips on vocals, drums and keyboard

Isaac Symonds on vocals, percussions, mandolin, keyboard and guitar.

If you dig the haunting sound of Ozzy on Black Sabbath’s  ballads, plus the swamp rock grass roots of Creedence Clearwater Revival, plus ‘the restless elements of indie, pop and folk’ all mixed in whiskey bottle, you'll love Half Moon Run.


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