United We Roll Convoy For Canada Heading To Parliament Hill

Every peaceful, respectful and hard working Canadian is invited to support the United We Roll Convoy for Canada, according to Lead Organizer Glen Carritt.

The United We Roll - Official Convoy for Canada will leave from central Alberta on Thursday, February 14th.

Lead Organizer Glen Carritt says the convoy has been in the works since the end of December.

Carritt is also an Innisfail Town Councillor, he says the convoy is leaving from Gort's Truck Wash in Red Deer on Thursday at 8am.

From there he adds it will head south down the QE2 Highway.

Carritt says hundreds of big rigs will travel over 4-thousand kilometers.

He says drivers will join the convoy for as long as they can as it moves towards Ottawa.

Carritt notes the convoy's journey will end in Ottawa on February 19th where they will have official protests and speeches on the 19th and 20th on Parliament Hill.

He explains what they would like to see done by the federal government to help the oil & gas industry.

Carritt talks about what the name of the convoy is all about.

The rally will head through Calgary, Strathmore, Medicine Hat, and Regina for the first night along with a meet & greet.


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