Town Of Olds - Preparing For Cannabis Regulations With Public Survey

With October 17th, 2018 set as the date for legalization of cannabis by the Government of Canada - and the Cannabis Framework determined by the Government of Alberta - the town of Olds must address and prepare for the upcoming sale of recreational cannabis in the community. The feds and the province will legalize the growing, distribution, sale and use of recreational cannabis - however, municipalities must amend land use bylaws to enable cannabis retail businesses in their communities.

The town of Olds is asking for thoughts of the community in regards to retail cannabis and public consumption.
A public survey is available on the town website from now until August 30th.
Chief Administrative Officer Michael Merritt says the feedback gathered will help Olds council and town administration make more informed decisions to determine what is best for the community.
He says it is available online at and it takes about 5 to 7 minutes to complete.
CAO Merritt notes the town will share what was learned though the survey with the community at the Olds town council meeting at 1pm on September 10th.
The federal and provincial governments are sharing the responsibility for overseeing the system for legalized cannabis.
Municipalities will have the authority through their land use bylaws to further regulate the location of retail cannabis stores within town boundaries.
The towns also have the authority to create municipal bylaws to determine the minimum separation distances from where recreational cannabis can be consumed in public spaces in addition to provincial regulations.

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