Town of Olds Fire Department Completes Lofty Fire Inspection Goal Ahead Of Schedule

Town of Olds Fire Chief Justin Andrew says the fire inspection program has worked out amazingly well.

Fire Chief Justin Andrew has reported to council that - as of Friday, January 31st - they have officially made fire inspections in all inspectable premises in the town of Olds in the last year and a half.

However, he adds the inspection program does not stop there because they make annual visits to places like the seniors homes, hospitals, schools, community centres, as well as the high hazard industrial occupancies.

Fire Chief Andrew made the presentation to council during the policies & priorities committee meeting on Monday, February 3rd.

He believes being pro-active on an inspection program will hopefully save money on emergency response.

Deputy Mayor Heather Ryan says reducing the fire risk in town was something council was working towards and the Olds Fire Department's inspection program has had a tremendous result.

Ryan feels the fire inspection program will go a long way towards mitigating any potential problems in the future.

Olds Fire Chief Andrew says their full-time fire inspector came online officially in April of 2019. He receives assistance from a part-time contract fire inspector who comes in approximately once every two weeks for a day.

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