Town of Didsbury 2018 Budget Talks

The town of Didsbury had the public engage and participate during the 2018 budget presentations held by administration in November. Mayor Rhonda Hunter says the total capital budget proposal right now is a request for $4.2 million dollars and the operating budget at just over $11 million.

The Town of Didsbury is preparing for 2018 as the budget talks are now underway.
Mayor Rhonda Hunter acknowledges the budget presentations by administration for residents - which were held publicly this month - were quite successful.
She says council had 8 departments present and they had a proposal for a zero percent tax rate increase.
Mayor Hunter says the total capital budget proposal right now is a request for $4.2 million.
She says roads and streets are always a priority and are again for 2018.
Hunter notes the projects for next year in include the Didsbury Curling Rink roof.
2018 projects also include administrative items. Hunter adds it i's still a long list for council to identify, finalize, and approve.
Budget deliberations will continue at Didsbury council's December 12th council meeting.

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