Town of Didsbury - 1.73% Decrease In Tax Revenue Requirement

Didsbury council approved the town's 2019 tax rate bylaw during the regular meeting on Tuesday, May 14th. Mayor Rhonda Hunter says there will be a 2% decrease for the business community on the non-residential side. As for residential ratepayers, there is a 2% increase. Hunter adds the assessments overall in the community are down compared to last year, generally due to the economic outlook in Alberta. Non-residential ratepayers will save about $70 in taxes compared to last year, following a discussion with the Didsbury Chamber according to Mayor Hunter.

After thoughtful deliberations, the Town of Didsbury approved the 2019 tax rate bylaw this week.
Mayor Rhonda Hunter says they are pleased with the number for revenue generated by taxes at $85-thousand dollars less than they generated through taxes in 2018 - which was a result of administration making some cuts.
She says after discussions with the Didsbury Chamber of Commerce, there will be a 2 percent decrease for business tax.
Hunter adds businesses are feeling the impact of reduced customer traffic, and this was one way the town could help until times get better.
According to Hunter, the business community will see about a $70 decrease over last year.
Hunter says even with the 2 per cent increase for residential ratepayers, the average resident will still see a reduction in what they pay. 
The average household will pay about $38 dollars less on their bill this year.

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