The Conversation Has To Happen.. Again

The Conversation Has To Happen..Again will be back in Olds in September. Organizer Andrea Hawiuk says this is the 2nd year in a row for the conference - which offers hope to those affected by suicide and depression - after positive feedback in 2016.

There has been lots of feedback from people wanting a special conference to return to Olds.
That is according to the Organizer of The Conversation Has To Happen..Again. Andrea Hawiuk says the conference will be back in Olds and the format will be much the same as last year.
She talks about the speakers coming to town, which includes the topic of PTSD.
Hawiuk says the conference offers hope to those affected by suicide and depression.

One of the guest speakers is Rick More. More is the founder of the Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation. His daughter suffered from depression and passed away in September of 2015.
More says one of the mandates was to open up discussion about mental illness and to help people understand the complexities of mental health. He says the foundation's inaugural donation was to the Red Deer Catholic School Division for $10,000 for teachers to take part in mental health first aid.
More says removing the stigma of mental health is important and holding public events like this is huge.

Dr. John Pentland is a Minister with Hillhurst United Church in Calgary. He will also be at the conference to discuss the popular teen novel and Netflix series "13 Reasons Why".
Dr. Pentland says his presentation will also include how we can support people struggling with mental illness.
The conference is free, but Hawiuk encourages attendees to register to get numbers for the meals which will be provided. Call Meryl at 403-335-3006 to register by Friday, September 1st.
The Conversation Has to Happen..Again is on Saturday, September 9th at the Pomeroy Inn & Suites starting at 9AM.

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