Sundre Streamlines Development Process By Eliminating MPC

With the Town of Sundre eliminating the Municipal Planning Commission, they have been able to streamline development for residents at a faster pace by eliminating unnecessary steps. That is according to Sundre's Economic Development Officer Jon Allan. He says the decision making has now been moved "in house" and it is governed by the land use bylaw.

Businesses, residents and anybody who would like to do something in relation to development under the town of Sundre's land use bylaw can now do so at a faster pace.
Sundre's Economic Development Officer Jon Allan says council decided to eliminate the Municipal Planning Commission in order to streamline development to help residents and businesses receive faster decisions by eliminating unnecessary steps.
He says MPC met about once a month, where in some cases decisions might have taken up to two months.
Allan adds now in some cases they have been able to expedite decisions to less than two weeks.
Allan says there has been a lot of discussions behind the scenes in preparation for potential development in the southwest industrial area.
He says development is currently underway.

Allan says property owners, business owners and potential developers can contact the town about development.
He notes an example of residential development could be adding a shed to your property.

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