Sundre Chamber News - Update On Mini Roundabouts

The way vehicle traffic is conducted in the town of Sundre has changed with three new mini roundabouts put in place by Alberta Transportation this fall. Sundre Chamber President Mike Beaukaboom says the Chamber's goal was to improve pedestrian safety while also increasing foot traffic in the downtown core.

The three new mini roundabouts in the Town of Sundre are overall slowing down traffic, according to the Sundre & District Chamber of Commerce President.
Mike Beaukaboom says that was the Chamber's goal in order to improve pedestrian safety, while also increasing foot traffic in the downtown core.
Beaukaboom says there are still a few things left to do as part of the project, but for the most part the system is in place now.
He says the main set of traffic lights are operating as normal, but they have changed the lanes a little bit. It is one-through lane now rather than two when you are approaching from the east going west.
He says the best way to look at the roundabouts is as a 4-way yield.
Beaukaboom says the main set of traffic lights in Sundre have not been touched. He adds, this is still a pilot project and Alberta Transportation really needs a full summer of study to see how the roundabouts work with the heavy traffic going through town.
Beaukaboom is looking forward to more signage at the roundabouts and more painted lines to improve the concept even more.

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