Sundial Growers Ships First Batch Of Crafted Cannabis To Ontario

Sundial Growers is thrilled to be established in the town of Olds and Mountain View County through a long term partnership, according to Andrew Stordeur. The President of Sundial Growers adds, that is why the company has been so successful.

Sundial Growers is expanding across Canada.

The company based in the town of Olds shipped its first batch of crafted cannabis to Ontario on Thursday, August 8th.

Sundial Growers President Andrew Stordeur says they are excited to be expanding east, but are proudly based and founded in Alberta.

He adds, Sundial is one of the fastest growing employers in Olds.

Sundial currently has 500 employees at the Olds facility.

Stordeur adds, Sundial's plan is to be available across the country. Products are also available online in Alberta and in Ontario.

He says Sundial is approaching about 150 harvests this year at the Olds facility.

With the legalization of recreational cannabis less than one year ago, Stordeur says it is exciting for Sundial to be part of the industry.

He says - while the learning will still continue - Canada is leading the globe in shaping the industry.

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