Premier Redford Names New Cabinet

Wednesday included a couple of big moves in the Alberta Legislature by the new Premier. Alison Redford announced her new cabinet, reduced the number of departments, & returned $107 million dollars in school board funding.

Premier Alison Redford has appointed her first cabinet.

Ron Liepert (LYE'-puhrt) is in charge of finance, Ted Morton will oversee energy and Fred Horne has the health portfolio.

Former employment minister Thomas Lukaszuk (loo-KAH'-zuhk) moves to education and leadership rivals Doug Griffiths and Doug Horner have been named municipal affairs minister and deputy premier.

Redford says her new cabinet is committed to changing how the government works.

Among those out are former health minister Gene Zwozdesky (zwahz-DESS'-kee), former culture minister Lindsay Blackett and Iris Evans, who held several senior portfolios under Stelmach.

Redford's new cabinet has 20 departments -- down from 23 under former premier Ed Stelmach.

Also on Wednesday, Redford returned 107 (m) million dollars to school boards.

She was delivering on a campaign promise believed to have turned the tide in the recent political leadership race.

Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk says the money will be found from savings within other departments and will be delivered within days to 62 publicly funded school boards to use as they see fit.

Jacquie Hansen, president of the Alberta School Boards Association, says she's delighted with the announcement.

(Source: The Canadian Press)

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