Petition Posted For Proposed Federal Tax Reform For Small Businesses & Farming Operations

Over 100 people attended the business tax forum on Monday, September 18th with tax lawyer Arthur Olsen. Chair of the Business Attraction Retention and Expansion Committee of the Olds Institute Terry Cody says it was a big success with information shared and lots of interesting questions answered.

A petition has been posted to the Olds & District Chamber of Commerce and to the Olds Institute websites regarding the proposed tax reform for small businesses and farming operations.
O-I's Chair of the Business Attraction Retention and Expansion Committee, Terry Cody, says the business tax forum night was a success. He notes the deadline to sign the petition is October 2nd.
Cody says one of their goals is to get that deadline extended.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is promising to make sure the proposed changes do not hurt middle-class farmers or small business owners.
However, Cody adds, this will require a huge voice from the public saying this tax proposal is not reasonable and these changes have gone too far.
Visit to sign the petition. Cody says hard copies are also available at their office at 5102 51st Street in Olds.
(Contains content from the Canadian Press)

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