Olds Search & Rescue Fall Membership Recruitment Open House

Olds Search & Rescue is a volunteer organization which has 10 active members and is looking to add about 10 more.

The fall membership recruitment open house for Olds Search & Rescue is coming up soon.
Charter member Pat Radford says Olds Search & Rescue explains what kind of time commitment is required and what type of jobs they do.
Radford has been involved since losing a family member to tragedy in 1990.
For the past 15 years Olds Search & Rescue has gone around to about 25 schools each spring to teach grade 3 students what to do if they get lost in the woods, according to Radford.
He says they help out in the community in a number of capacities.
The fall recruitment open house for Olds Search & Rescue is on Tuesday, September 19th from 7 until 9pm at their location at 4502 46th Avenue - about a half a block north of the Olds 7-11.

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