Olds RCMP 2017 Statistic Report

The Staff Sergeant for the Olds RCMP Detachment presented the 2017 overview report to Olds town council on Monday, April 16th.

Property crime reduction, traffic safety, and community police relations are the top 3 policing priorities for Olds RCMP this year.
Staff Sergeant Jim MacDonald says those priorities were established by community representatives.
This week MacDonald also presented the 2017 RCMP statistic report to Olds town council.

He says 2017 was a very busy year for local officers.


MacDonald talks about property crime during the 1st quarter of this year.
MacDonald says although Olds has been hit with this dramatic increase in property crime over the last year, it is important for residents to know that they still live in a safe community. 
Meanwhile, MacDonald says the 'K' Division headquarters have also recognized the rise in property crime as a significant issue throughout the province and will also focus on employee wellness for their priorities.

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