Olds College Looks Ahead To 2016 Gala

Olds College's VP of Advancement, Jordan Cleland, says stay tuned for word on who will receive the coveted Partner of the Year honours. For now though, the first few details about one of central Alberta's hottest spring events have been released.

The student ambassadors for the 2016 Olds College Gala have been chosen.

Vice President of Advancement, Jordan Cleland, says their tradition is to select one male and one female to represent the students. He says those individuals will also have the responsibility to serve as the masters of ceremony for the evening.

The 2016 edition will take place about three weeks later than usual and it has been moved to a Thursday night instead of a Friday. The reasoning behind those moves, according to Cleland, is to have more returning snow birds in town for the event plus not have it on a day which leads into the weekend.

He adds the Gala is their preeminent event of the year.

Shunda Construction & Consulting continues to show commitment to Olds College by signing on for an unprecedented two years as the title sponsor of the Gala (2016, 2017).

April 7th, 2016 is the date for the event. Visit Olds College's website - www.oldscollege.ca - for tickets or more information.

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