MV County's Al Kemmere Elected President Of AAMD&C

The new President of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties is the Division 7 councillor from Mountain View County.

Al Kemmere will serve a 2 year term after defeating Soren Odegard from Two Hills County.

The final day of the conference in Edmonton included time on stage for the 3 opposition leaders, the Ministers' forum - featuring 16 of them answering questions from the membership - and the Premier's speech.

Kemmere was pleased to be there to listen to Jim Prentice address to the municipalites.

Between 380 and 400 members participated in the November 19th vote for AAMD&C President.

Meantime, according to Kemmere, both resolutions sponsored by Mountain View County were supported quite well at the AAMD&C conference in Edmonton.

Kemmere has been on the board since 2010 and he is excited to now fill the role of chairman while representing rural municipalities.

Before retiring Bob Barss was with AAMD & C for 13 years including the last 4 as President.

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