MV County Currently Pondering Several LUB & MDP Ammendments

Reeve Bruce Beattie Says The Documents Must Work In Concert With One Another. He Adds It Is Council's Intention To Review The Land Use Bylaw And The Municipal Development Plan On An Annual Basis.

2nd reading of the Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan ammendments were approved during Mountain View County council's annual review of those documents on February 26th.

Reeve Bruce Beattie the ammendments include adjustments municipalities have had to make to deal with federal regulations pertaining to medical marihuana facilities.

According to Beattie, ReLeaf Incorporated had applied to build one of those facilities in Division 2 prior to the changes and it will be grandfathered in.

However he adds, once the new bylaw is in place, any future medical marihuana facilities in the County would have to be developed in an industrial park through a development permit. 

3rd and final reading of the LUB and MDP ammendments could be passed when County council meets again for more discussion in March.

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