Memorial Way Street Dedication

Twenty-eight banners will be on permanent display along Memorial Way in the town of Olds to honour the contribution and dedication of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, the Olds Fire Department, AHS Emergency Medical Services, the Community Peace Officers as well as Olds Search & Rescue.

The Town of Olds held the official unveiling of the newly named significant thoroughfare in the community on Wednesday, November 1st.
Memorial Way starts at the intersection of 54th Street & 57th Avenue by Deer Meadow School continuing to 46th Avenue & Highway 27 by the Town of Olds Emergency Services Building.
Executive Member of the Olds Royal Canadian Legion Keith Baxter brought up the idea to have a street named Memorial Way in the Town of Olds.

Baxter says seeing a street named Memorial Way will serve as a reminder to everyone

Along with renaming this road, the Town of Olds launched a commemorative banner project in partnership with the Olds Royal Canadian Legion.
Councillor Mary-Anne Overwater brought up the idea of the banners.
Overwater says many people made Memorial Way possible.

A total of twenty-eight banners will be on permanent display following the official Memorial Way street dedication.

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