Local Towns Support Pink Shirt Day

On Wednesday, people across North America will incorporate pink into their wardrobes to raise awareness for anti-bullying.

The towns of Carstairs and Didsbury have adopted the Pink Shirt Campaign, which has become popular across North America as a way to raise awareness for anti-bullying.

The campaign began in Nova Scotia in 2007, when students stood up to bullies by getting hundreds of their schoolmates to wear pink.

Robin Bowman, FCSS Director for the Town of Carstairs, talks about why it's so important to support this cause.

Wear your pink shirts on February 29th to support the cause.

Carstairs and Didsbury partnered up in 2005 to start the Vision 4 Non-Violence Project, which works on a number of initiatives to promote a violence-free community.

Contact Robin if you'd like to get involved by calling her at 337-2633.

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