Local Filmmakers Showing Their Work At Calgary Underground Film Festival

John Negropontes and Tyler MacIntyre from Olds are in the movie business. Lately they have been in Canada and the U.S. premiering and receiving awards for their latest horror-comedy film "Patchwork".

A local movie making duo from Olds continues to work together to get their efforts to the big screen.
John Negropontes and Tyler MacIntyre knew each other from a young age at daycare in Olds and first started to work on projects together at Olds High School.
Tyler who is the Director & Co-writer of their latest creation "Patchwork" says it takes a lot of work to get a career going in the movie biz. He says it is good to have someone in your corner.
MacIntyre says he usually has the directing/writing role.
"Patchwork" has won awards including: Best Picture at Scream Fest in Los Angeles and Best Actress for Tory Stolper. MacIntyre also picked up the Best Editing award.
John Negropontes is the film's Producer and says it is a horror-comedy.
After growing up together and attending the University of Alberta, Negropontes and MacIntyre moved to L.A where they got their masters degrees. John says they continue to film together to this day.
John and Tyler will be heading back to Alberta for the Calgary Underground Film Festival for a midnight showing on Saturday, April 16th at 11:59PM.

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