Joint Purchase Made Of Physio Control 3.1 Automated CPR Device

A new device has been purchased through the municipal partnership between Mountain View County & the town of Olds. As a result, the Physio Control 3.1 Automated CPR Device will be used by the Olds Fire Department.

The municipal partnership with Mountain View County and the Town of Olds made a joint purchase of a Physio Control Lucas 3.1 Automated CPR Device for use by the Olds Fire Department

Fire Chief Justin Andrew says it has been a long withstanding problem for emergency service personnel when responding to calls for cardiac arrest.

The reason the Automated CPR Device was purchased by the municipalities for the Olds Fire Department was because presently it is not a required item for EMS to carry.

The fire department is auto dispatched to any cardiac arrest call within its jurisdiction to assist already, so the device will come along and be readily available.  

He says there was an identified need for the device with recent medical studies and survival rates.

Andrew adds, the OFD's call volume is at 330 calls for service so far this year which is on pace to traditional numbers.

Fire Chief Jusin Andrew says currently their membership sits at about 36 members and they would always like to maintain at least 40.

The Olds Fire Department actively recruited members during the month of October.


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