Incentives For Utility E-Bills Green Lighted By Didsbury Town Council

Didsbury Council decided to move forward with a sign up incentive for residents to receive the town's utility bills online.

The Town of Didsbury is encouraging its residents to sign up for electronic utility bills.
Manager of Legislative Services Christofer Atchison says on Tuesday, April 12th council voted in favour to offer an incentive for those who currently receive e-bills from the town and for those who choose to sign up before November.
He adds, council sees the need to go green in anyway way they can.
Atchison says it is a modern trend to move forward on electronic billing and also has cost savings for the town.
Residents will receive an automatic $5 credit on their next utility bill, and be entered into a draw for a larger credit.


However, Atchison says it is perfectly fine for those who choose not to or cannot sign up for e-bills. He notes there will be no penalties to stay with paper billing.

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