Council Approves Honourarium Increase For Olds' Elected Officials

The town of Olds' elected officials will see their monthly honourariums rise for the first time in several terms later this year.

The recommendations for the increase were among the items presented this week by a citizens committee on council remuneration.

The per month honourarium for Olds' Mayor will jump up from $2080 to $2650, while the councilors will see a boost from $1040 to $1450.

Mary-Ann Overwater with the committee says they arrived at their recommendations after reviewing the compensation for councils of 14 other similar municipalities and meeting with members of Olds council.

At Monday's meeting (May 27th) the adjustments were approved and they bring the monthly honourariums for Olds council up to the average of the 14 other similar municipalities the committee looked at.

The changes will take effect following this fall's municipal election.

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