Beiseker RCMP Investigate Theft Of Vehicle From Rural Residence

Contact the Beiseker RCMP Detachment, local police or CRIMESTOPPERS if you have any information about this theft of a vehicle from a rural residence which occurred at about 11:30pm on Wednesday, July 4th.

Beiseker RCMP are investigating the theft of a vehicle from a rural residence.
It happened on Wednesday, July 4th at about 11:30pm.
The vehicle that was stolen had the keys in the ignition with the doors unlocked. One of the homeowners pursued their stolen vehicle in another vehicle, while the other homeowner called police.
The homeowner pursuing the stolen vehicle followed it down a side road off Highway 9 where he was sideswiped by another truck and forced into the ditch. The homeowner's vehicle sustained minor damage which extended along the passenger side. The homeowner was not injured.

Beiseker RCMP say the stolen vehicle and the second vehicle association with the incident continued north onto Highway 9. The stolen truck was later recovered abandoned on Range Road 264 in between township road 270 and 217 in the early morning hours on Thursday and it is being examined by RCMP Forensic Identification Services.
Beiseker RCMP are still trying to located the associated vehicle which is described as a black late 2000s Chevrolet truck which had recent damage that would extend from the front driver side bumper along the driver side of the truck with possible silver paint transfer. It is unknown at this time how many suspects are involved or their descriptions.

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