Alberta's Ag Minister Presents Grant Funding Cheques To Olds Ag Society

Verlyn Olson Provided The Financial Support While Attending The Summer Synergy Rural Youth Showcase.

Alberta's Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development presented two large cheques to the Olds Ag Society on Thursday (July 11th).

A $22,000 provincial grant will benefit the Summer Synergy Rural Youth Showcase, which is now in its 4th year.

Verlyn Olson was at Olds College for the Summer Synergy 'Evening of Excellence' banquet. He believes it is critically important for the provincial government to support initiatives which encourage youth to have a career in agriculture.

Through Alberta's Agricultural Initiatives Program, the Olds Ag Society also received more than $54,000 to assist with the cost of recent facility upgrades. The upgrades will enhance OAS' capacity to host major agricultural events.

According to Olson while no one could have anticipated the flooding disaster which struck Alberta in June, all provincial portfolios were impacted by the budget belt tightening this spring. Olson says in order to find 30 million dollars in savings he had to do away with the 6 cent a litre farm fuel rebate.

The provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Minister was pleased to be able to attend Summer Synergy during a special year for Olds College and 4-H.

The Olds Ag Society and the Calgary Stampede are the 2 other partner organizations involved in the Summer Synergy Rural Youth Showcase.

Olson also broke down where things stand with the country of origin labeling lawsuit against the USDA and how the issue impacts Alberta meat producers.

This afternoon (July12th) Premier Alision Redford is slated to arrive between 4:30 and 5 o'clock to attend the Summer Synergy finale. The parade of champions featuring all species, aggregate awards and scholarship qualifying announcements takes place in the Mega Dome arena.

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