Lost & Found

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Pet Planet in Olds
#303 - 6900 46th street
(403) 556-2816
To report any items or pets email: lostandfound@rock104.ca
December 4
Lost: Small Black Collie, went missing at 7:30am on Dec 4- 1/2 mile south of Kevisville Cemetery on the east side of the road. 403-728-3688
November 30
Found: Light colored Husky with metal choke collar.  Found 4 miles north of Olds on Range road 14 and Township road 334.  403-559-6118
November 27
Found: Set of Volkswagen keys.  Found on 60th street and Winter in Olds.  Call to describe. 403-559-6371
November 22
Found: Four horses NW of Sundre. 403-559-7385
Lost: Large Male Black and White Dog. Goes by Cado.  Has chain collar on, very friendly. Lost at 50th street in Olds. 403-601-3637


November 15th

Lost; a 2 year old Grulla Appaloosa Stallion.  Lost East of Sundre on RR 5.1 and North.   if found, call 587-444-0586

November 9:
Found: Men's wedding ring found in Sundre Hospital parking lot in Mid October. 403-556-4529

Found: two horses are wandering around the hiway near Sundre.  One buckskin mare and one dun gelding are traveling east on township road 332 and east on range road 45. 


November 3:

Found: Black male Lab with Doberman markings. Very friendly. Found between the Pomeroy and Bumper to Bumper in Olds. 403-227-6700


October 31:

Found: Male Golden Retriever with red collar, no tags.  Found by Carstairs Blindline Road by township 303. 506-396-1605

Found: Female black and white Cat.  Found on 4813-48th Street in Olds at 8:00pm on October 31st. 403-556-6882


October 30:

Found: 14 Cattle in yard.  13 of them solid red and 1 solid black.  Found in James River area on Range Road #50, South of hwy 587.  They are in a horse corral and are safe. 403-638-1228 or 403-638-8692


October 25:

Found: Black short haired female cat, approx. 5 months old, very friendly. Found at the Olds Co-op gas bar. 403-556-6882

Sept 30
Lost a 2 year old fixed male cat, lost from an acreage 4 miles North of Olds on 2A.  He is cream colored with white feet and a white bib.  He answers to Toot and has a tattoo in his ear.  Please contact Chinook Vet clinic if found, or call Amber at 403-638-7305
September 28:
Found: Long haired black cat. Found at 4613-48 ave in Olds. 403-556-6882
September 26:
Lost: Camera about the size of an I-phone.  Lost within the last two - three weeks. 403-556-3713 or 403-224-2518
Sept 11:
Lost: Three miniature horses, 2 dark in color, one grey in color. Missing from East of Bowen. 403-302-9952
Sept 5:
Lost: Male intact Husky/Wolf Cross.  Light grey in color, curled tail, 120 pounds. Lost 2 miles west of Didsbury. 403-507-9530 or 403-335-4983
Sept 1:
Found: Small sized White dog with Brown ears.  Found by Deer Meadow School. 403-586-3734
Lost: Multicolored walking cane with butterflies painted on it.  Lost at the Alberta Treasury Branch in Olds.  Lost by a 84 year old widow.  Please return it to the Alberta Treasury Branch if found.
August 29:
Found: Female yellow lab/corgi cross & a black puppy with blue eyes found west of Bowden, east of Red Lodge Park. 403-896-7205.
August 28:
Lost: Older male red heeler. West of Harmattan gas plant.  403-809-5031
August 19:
Found: Female brown and white Boston Terrier.  Found on RR50 north of Twp Rd. 334. 556-3962
August 18:

LOST: Black Brockle Face Cow with a red tag and a brand on her hip. West of eagle hill near the RR 43-44 correction line. If you see her please call Hailey at 403-505-8170

August 14:
Missing: Male Seal Point Siamese Cat from the Didsbury Valarosa Area. Missing on the night of August 10th.  780-381-9646.

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